Beautiful Owl Butterfly & Jungle Queen Taxidermy Display

Antique Butterfly Taxidermy Display – For Sale on Etsy (Click to View)


This beautiful butterfly display features the mystifying Owl Butterfly and the Jungle Queen.

The Owl Butterfly originates from Peru, they are found in rainforests and secondary forests in Mexico, Central, and South America. They are known for their huge eyespots on their wings, which resemble an owls eyes.


insect-butterfly (1)
Owl Butterfly


The Jungle Queen (Stichophthalma howqua) originates from Taiwan, they can be found in Asia. They have arrowhead markings on the edge of their wings giving them a unique look. They are unusual in that the underside of their wings are entirely different than the top markings.


Stichophthalma howqua formosana male back


Please take a look at our Etsy shop if you are interested in this display piece. Both species of butterflies are rare and it is a beautiful display.





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