5 Disturbing Medical Oddities

5.) Dental Phantom


Popular among medical collectors, this eerie model was a practice tool for early techniques. Often they would possess real human teeth from recently deceased.

4.) Fetal Extractors

18th century model used to demonstrate child birth

Surgeon’s believed that a pregnant mother’s life was more valuable than an unborn child. If doctor’s determined that the fetus was lifeless, they would use tools to behead the small corpse, than extricate the remains with a hook.

3.) Tonsil Guillotine


Used just as it sounds. A doctor would pierce a contaminated tonsil with a sharp forked  object, and detach the tissue with the guillotine.

2.) Stricture Divulsor


The long narrow blades were inserted into the male’s penis tip, followed by a rotation of a screw which separates the blades to dilate a narrow urethra.

1.) Osteotome


Invented in the 1830s for trepanning. The blade was driven into the skull and the handle was cranked to rotate the sharp blade. It was the ideal tool to penetrate human bone.


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