Have you ever reached your filthy hand into a 1 gallon jar of pickles, only to find that there’s a solo spear left? Of course, you ate them all by your lonesome in one sitting and you think to yourself, “that probably wasn’t a good idea.”

But you still devour the last one. And you drink the juice to cure your hangover. Next you ask yourself, “what the gosh darn do I do with this jar!?”

The answer is simple. You save it to preserve a fetal calf!

If you’re a collector of wet preserved specimens, and frequently shop online for your sample displays, you may notice that not all sellers supply water-tight containers or a wet preservative for your new animal’s latest, long-lasting home. This is primarily because of shipping restrictions, and it’s much easier for a seller to send you a dead animal cozied in an alcohol immersed blanket of paper towels.

If this is the case for you, and you receive your fetal cow in a soaked, denaturant mummy wrap, than preparing his spankin-new receptacle is an easy task. Just follow these few easy steps!


Step 1 – Place your 1 gallon pickle jar in a horizontal position. It’s easier to position the specimen if the jar is placed on it’s side (make sure jar is properly cleaned first).

Step 2 – Insert your specimen (preferably wearing gloves) in desired position. Add a concentrate of 70-75% alcohol in small amounts as you gradually position jar into it’s vertical standing position. Add desired amount of alcohol to top off.

Alcohol at this concentrate (70-75%) is the safest option for yourself and your specimen. It is also ideal for the longest life that your specimen will stay maintained.

Step 3 – Make sure you tighten that lid TIGHT.


Overtime, the alcohol level will lessen and change color. Simply open the receptacle, remove the specimen (preferably wearing gloves) and repeat steps 1 – 3!


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