Ghost of Bingham Hill


Just outside of Fort Collins, CO in LaPorte, is a forgotten pioneer resting ground.

Desecrated tombstones deteriorate from weather. Accenting the damaged graves is a mysterious iron chair.


Many are unaware of it’s existence, being that the land is only identified by a small, worn sign, followed by an unkempt path.

Poor record keeping caused many of the graves to remain unmarked, forcing spirits to wander aimlessly not knowing where to rest.



Many visitors speak of similar ghost stories.

The sense of being watched…
…many feel very cold.
Guest are haunted with the sound of footsteps. Gradually getting louder and louder.

And the iron chair mentioned earlier, those who sit in it swear to have heard voices.
They feel very desolated.


If you engage in ghost hunting adventures, make sure you definitely pay Bingham a visit…

…but you’ve been warned!



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