5 Haunting Locations in Illinois


#5   White Cemetery

Located in Barrington, Northwest of Chicago, is an old, dilapidated burial ground that many visitors have reported haunted. Unearthly, bright spheres have been recorded. A speeding phantom black vehicle has also been reported, and it vanishes near a run-down, decaying house. The strangest thing may be that the old house burnt to the ground many years ago…

#4  Greenwood Cemetery

A cemetery with an unsettling past is always a haunting attraction. Located in Decatur, IL, the flooding of the Sangamon River immersed the land in water, causing the caskets to pile out of the ground.
Terrorized guests have seen a howling apparition with hollowed out eyes. Amongst the man are accounts of a weeping woman in black, flickering orbs, shrieking cries and wandering spirits suspended over unmarked graves.

#3   Maple Lake

Located Southwest of Chicago, Maple Lake is a man-made lake surrounded by a bleak woodland. Witnesses have seen a candlelight-orange colored light dance above the lake and disappear into the woods. Investigators have not been able to come up with a credible explanation.

#2   Schweppe Mansion

A colossal building abandoned for fifty years after the owner put a pistol to his head. Charles Schweppe committed suicide after his wife passed in 1937. His death note read the grim message, “I’ve been awake all night. It is terrible.” Ghostly apparitions roam the halls and a window overlooking the home’s driveway is mysteriously always clean. All other windows are constantly filthy and coated with dirt.

#1   Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

The infamous cemetery where no one has been buried since the late 80s. The site being a favorite body dump for mobsters in the 1920s. It gets the name Bachelor’s Grove because of all the single men that have an eternal slumber there. However, the most notable apparition is the White Lady. She can be seen on a full moon sitting beside, what is believed to be, her child’s grave.


Other than countless eyewitness reports of the White Lady, many guests have seen an unsettling amount of ghostly phantoms.

A disturbing two-headed man
A sickly-looking farmer with a dead horse.
And numberless counts of angry apparitions that dance above the tombstones.

The cemetery is neighboring a dense woodland and lagoon, both being favorable sites for animal sacrifices and satanic vandalism.

It makes sense why the spirits can’t rest!


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