The Crazed Dolls


German doll makers in the mid 1800s jumbled together sawdust and adhesives to make a viscid composition.

Later, in 1870, a New York gentleman perfected the formula. The entire doll was made into composition similar to the face and limbs, unlike the early models that were stuffed with padding.

Two of the dolls in the photo(s) are said to be from Isla de la Muñecas (The Island of the Dead Dolls) located south of Mexico City.

It is believed that a drowned girl possesses the dolls on the island. Legend says the dolls that inhabit the island open their eyes and rotate their heads. Tourists and visitors claim the dolls whisper and form supernatural entities.

Whether the accounts are real or not, the island is still one of the most disturbing places on Earth.


More darlings





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